ProSpec-Tany (ProSpec-Tany)

  • 品牌所有商: ProSpec
  • 品牌國別: 以色列
  • 代表產品:  蛋白   抗體   細胞因子  
  • 品牌簡介: ProSpec-Tany 以色列ProSpec-Tany 以色列ProSpec-Tany專注于蛋白(重組及合成)生產研發,其獨有的細菌和哺乳
  • 加入時間: 2009-11-27
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ProSpec is an evolving biotech company providing highly purified proteins worldwide which serve the research community with cytokine-related products for cancer, apoptosis, development, endocrinology, immunology, neuroscience, proteases, and stem cell research.

Among our proteins are Interferons, Interleukins, Bone Morphogenic Proteins, Tumor Necrosis factors, Leptins, Stem Cell factors, Prolactins, Chemokines, Antibodies, Peptides, Enzymes, Viral Antigens, various growth factors such as: Platelet Derived, Epidermal, Insulin Like, Nerve, Connective Tissue, Vascular Endothelial, Fibroblast and more.....

Our research team and scientists have been able to assemble more than 1700 recombinant proteins, peptides and antibodies for your research needs. The proteins are rigorously tested to meet the research and development demand for excellent quality, uncompromising biological activity at competitive prices.

ProSpec has established sterling reputation among the scientific community, a reputation built on innovative products, customer service and attention to detail. Our reputation for quality is an essential factor in achieving a favorable position in the market place and the benefits associated with manufacturing top quality products.

ProSpec's goal is to supply products which are crucial to the research industry to meet and exceed quality, consistency and requirements by our customers world wide. The company welcomes partnerships with pharmaceutical and industrial companies for development of future products.


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